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LSHT Hydraulic Motor - 14.76 in³/rev - SAE "A" 2-bolt - 1" Woodruff - NPT Ports - BMPHZ-250-H2-K-P

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The BMPHZ series of motors offers a Rotortorc™ gear set, shaft distribution flow, and a compact, highly efficient, low-speed high-torque design which can be used in parallel or series systems. 


  • Shaft:  1" Woodruff Key
  • Flange:  SAE "A" 2-Bolt Mount
  • Ports:  1/2" NPTF
  • Case Drain: 7/16 - 20 SAE
  • Corrosion-resistant Black Paint

Technical Specifications for BMPHZ-250 H2-K-P:

  • Displacement: 14.76 in³/rev (241.8 cm³/rev)
  • Max Speed: 250 rpm
  • Max Torque: 2655 in•lbf (cont) / 3691 in•lbf (int)
  • Max Differential: 1450 psi (cont) / 2030 psi (int)
  • Max Flow: 15.85 gpm

Drop-In Replacement for:

  • Char-Lynn® 101-1030

Click here to view the manufacturer's catalog information on the BMPHZ Series of motors.

The Rotortorc gear set employs an interlocking set of teeth making them suitable for long operating periods at moderate pressures or short operating periods at high pressures.

For optimal utilization of these motors, the following is recommended:

  1. Normal oil operating temperature should be 70° t 150°F (20° to 60°C)
  2. Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 190°F (90°C)
  3. Filtration level per ISO Cleanliness Code level 18/3.
  4. Minimum oil viscosity should be 100 SUS.
  5. Motors should be operated at less than 30% of rated performance for the first hour of operation.
  6. Simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed is NOT recommended.