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LSHT Hydraulic Motor - 28.98 in³/rev - SAE "A" 4-bolt - 1" Woodruff - SAE Ports - BMSY-475-E4-K-S

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The BMSY series of motors offers a Rolortorc™ gear set, disc distribution flow, and a low noise, highly efficient, low-speed high-torque design. Tapered roller bearings on the output shaft permit high axial and radial forces offering a smooth operation during low pressure start up and high pressure operation. 


  • Shaft:  1" Woodruff Key
  • Flange:  SAE "A" 4-Bolt Mount
  • Ports:  7/8 -14 SAE

Technical Specifications for BMSY-475 E4-K-S:

  • Displacement: 28.98 in³/rev (475 cm³/rev)
  • Max Speed: 155 rpm (cont) / 185 rpm (int)
  • Max Torque: 8053 in•lbf (cont) / 8495 in•lbf (int)
  • Max Differential: 2030 psi (cont) / 2175 psi (int)
  • Max Flow: 19.81 gpm (cont) / 23.77 gpm (int)


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The Rolortorc gear set has rollers added to the outer ring which act as roller bearings, reducing friction and wear and increasing mechanical efficiency. This extends the operating life and provides better efficiency at continuous high pressures. 

For optimal utilization of these motors, the following is recommended:

  1. Normal oil operating temperature should be 70° t 150°F (20° to 60°C)
  2. Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 190°F (90°C)
  3. Filtration level per ISO Cleanliness Code level 18/3.
  4. Minimum oil viscosity should be 100 SUS.
  5. Motors should be operated at less than 30% of rated performance for the first hour of operation.
  6. Simultaneous maximum torque and maximum speed is NOT recommended.