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Log Splitter Control Valve - JPLS-3000

Log Splitter Control Valve - JPLS-3000

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Dynamic brand Log Splitter Control Valve for operating hydraulic cylinders. Offers a hydraulically-balanced, chrome-plated spool and adjustable pressure release detent. Recommended for systems with flows up to 25 gpm. When the tandem center spool is in the neutral position, hydraulic flow is diverted to the return line - this is used to hold the cylinder/piston in position with no load on the pump, keeping wear on the pump to a minimum. Note: In exposed applications, do not mount with spool vertical and handle down.


  • Max. Pressure: 2750 psi
  • Max. Tank Port Pressure: 150 psi
  • Max. Flow Rating: 25 gpm
  • Relief Valve Setting: 3000 psi
  • Recommended Filtration: ISO 4406 19/17/14
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 180°F
  • Ports: 1/2" NPT